Career Opportunities

At TMG, we are always looking for passionate, knowledgeable, caring individuals who want to help us empower people to create meaningful lives in their communities. We proudly employ a growing multi-disciplinary staff of human and health service professionals with expertise in self-directed services, service delivery and program design, organizational development, policy and regulatory compliance, and quality improvement.

We offer a large variety of challenging and unique positions throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Central Office - Madison, WI

TMG's central office is located in downtown Madison, and the positions there provide administrative support to all of the organization.

Work from Home - Throughout the State of Wisconsin

Employees who work from their home office travel the area to provide support and service to the individuals of the IRIS program.

Department of Health Services - Madison, WI

Co-employed with The Employer Group, employees who work at The Department of Health Services support various long-term care program positions.

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TMG is a Wisconsin company built on a foundation of relationships

The ones we nurture with advocates and community resources statewide

The ones that develop when our 500-person team collaborates to find solutions for people in the programs we administer

Those that we share with our government clients to ensure that the publicly-funded programs we administer on their behalf are run effectively and efficiently, and are financially stable

The most rewarding relationships of all - those that result from our partnerships with the people in the programs we administer

With nearly three decades of experience in community-based long-term care and managed care, TMG leverages multi-disciplinary expertise in program design, policy development, nursing, social work, insurance, research, training and data and utilization analysis on behalf of our government clients. We help to build, manage and improve the care programs that thousands of our Wisconsin neighbors rely on for health, safety and personal fulfillment.

Our staff is scattered throughout the state in order to best connect with people in IRIS and the resources that support the program in their communities. In addition to administering government long-term care programs, TMG develops and executes a variety of important training programs to continually improve the quality and efficiency of care delivery around Wisconsin.

Driven by a focused mission and a genuine concern for our neighbors, TMG leadership keeps the company on a constant path of innovation and improvement.

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Our Mission

Empowering people to create meaningful lives in their communities.

To fulfill our mission, we:
INFORM... TMG provides information that instructs older adults and individuals with disabilities about the services, resources and opportunities available to them for living their best lives.
INSPIRE... TMG provides timely, competent support that encourages and energizes people to take positive steps and responsibility in their lives.
INNOVATE... TMG and their partners are continuously learning and finding ways to achieve best possible efficiency and excellence in customer service.

Inform. Inspire. Innovate

Our Vision

TMG is a recognized leader and provider of quality-driven, self-directed long-term care services.

TMG will demonstrate an absolute commitment to service excellence and quality outcomes.
TMG will lead by example – we will inspire our customers, employees and partners to develop creative programs that empower individuals to lead self-determined lives.

Our Values

Our core values are learning, inclusion, and empowerment, which serve to guide our activities every day with our customers, our colleagues, our stakeholders, and our partners.

LEARNING... Assuming responsibility for creating an environment that promotes the development and improvement of abilities.
INCLUSION... Showing consideration, understanding, and respect for all people and ideas.
EMPOWERMENT... Acknowledging and encouraging each person’s potential, contributions, and aspirations.

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